Starseed - geman sci-fi death metal
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Atmospheric sci-fi death metal band from germany


That is the time of great questions. In a world, where no truth can be trusted, we are running out of possible answers. All questioning directs into nothingness, if mankind is not prepared to expand its terrestial horizon. The knowledge and wisdom of civilizations, who perished Aeons ago, may lead us the way to the splendid dimensions of the universe.
To open up and walk this path is the definite aim of STARSEED. This band from the northern part of the Ruhr-Area in West-Germany was founded in August 1995 with their current line-up, and consists of five members. All musicians had gathered previous experience in various other bands, when they decided to start a new project. Since their founding STARSEED have been working consequently and intensively on the composition of their songs, which they presented in various concerts in local surrounding, among others with VADER, NIGHT IN GALES, ETERNAL DIRGE and CASTIGATE.
STARSEED now appear for the first time in public with their debut recording, entitled "COSMIC CONSPIRACY". It was recorded in April 1997 at Twin Records Studios in Dortmund/Germany on 16 digital tracks, and was mastered at CeeM Records in Witten/Germany. Appearing as guest-musician, all keyboards on this recording have been done by Sascha R. of Eternal Dirge.
The phantastic reality, that STARSEED create with their first output, enlarges the known limitation of space and time in an unusual way. The well-reasoned architecture of the six songs conveys, despite all complexity, an intelligible image of the construction in a whole. Spherical sounds, interlaced by accented Guitar-leads, float around a basic foundation of partly melodic, partly attacking structures. The innovative construction of Guitars, Bass and agressive Vocals base on the fast and pounding drumwork.
STARSEED enable the listener of "COSMIC CONSPIRACY" to cast a view into the enormous multitude of all cosmic dimensions, and lets him experience it in spirit and thought.

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